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This is one of those duh kinds of recs. If I didn’t post this, ya’ll might think I was a total phony. Now! Keep in mind! I’m not even recommending this next one for it’s more commonly known aspects. Here it is! envato is a huge hub for paid and free resources.

Let’s start with one of their newest features: Elements.

Envato Elements is their paid subscription, but I recommend signing up for a free account only. You’ll get a batch of freebees every month that could help you out with a project somewhere!

Next is ThemeForest.net and CodeCanyon.net.

I have taken advantage of Code Canyon for sure and my clients have purchased themes on Theme Forest. I would say make sure that you read the specifics and features of whatever you’re buying VERY CAREFULLY. I have definitely purchased some duds that I have promptly returned! The only thing I haven’t regretted purchasing was EventOn. CodeCanyon recently changed their terms so that the purchaser receives lifetime updates for the products. This really helps with WordPress version updates or security updates, for example. Both ThemeForest.net and CodeCanyon.net are part of the  Envato Market. I have not used VideoHive, PhotoDune, GraphicRiver, or AudioJungle, though they are also a part of the market.


Yup. Helpful. But if you end up here it’s because you did a google search for it.


I use this like every other day!! SO FREAKING HELPFUL! I’ve made lyric videos using this stock footage and I’ve used this media for hero videos on client’s websites! It’s amazingly stocked, great quality, and easy enough to find what you’re looking for! 10/10!

DISCLAIMER: These are my hand-picked favorite tools and resources from years of scouring the web. The sources have not paid me to appear on this page and I do not receive a commission or other compensation from any of the links. Please do your own due diligence before paying for any services. I am not responsible for the services provided or the results of their services.

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