Mixolyd Phyrig

I am Mixolyd Phyrig, heir to the Ionition Kingdom of Planet Docornon Sector A47, Quadrant E993.
I am the one who orchestrates the harmonization of the celestial spheres.
I am the one who always sings.
I am the one who never stops singing.

My ideal outfit contains these items:
Intergallactic Goop Troopers
Slick Slacks
Bodice laced with beads, a gift
Royal Robe
Protective glove
Bracelet with gems harvested from the Aeolian mine.
Necklace inherited from grandmother
Star crown



I was waving goodbye to my lover, Locri. He was going to the adjacent quadrant to participate in the Lygian war. The odds were certainly on our side and this was going to be a great victory for my Kingdom, but the war could take several years. I flew over to the edge of our quadrant with everyone else wishing our soldiers well and I sent him on his way feeling great pride, but then I thought about who I was to him and also who I was without him. Stepping up to the throne was something that I had prepared for all my life through training, but he had been there by my side through so many of the struggles. It was selfish, but I was thinking of myself when I was singing him farewell. So I had to run back after everyone else had left. My romance with Locri isn’t exactly public yet and because it’s not set in stone, I also fear that I might lose him to someone else.

Experience: Diva Dance

Innocence: o-O-o