Performance Lab #6: Website Starter Pack 2 of 2 with Terry Knickle

The Lab

“The Script.” This class is part of a series that offers an introduction to self-hosted WordPress as the backbone of an artists website to maximize on design and feature customization. In this part, you will gain an understanding of the basic features and advantages of self-hosted WordPress websites. Participants will learn how this content management system works and how you can leave your mark on the web. They will learn how to navigate the back-end of a WordPress site and how to create and edit content that will appear on the front-end. Students will learn how to customize a website to suit their needs.

Pay What You Will

Suggested Donation of $10

What Do You Need To Join?


  • Your self
  • Something to take notes
  • A Device To Zoom In On
  • An Internet Connection

Students will need an internet-connected computer with the capacity to participate in an online workshop while simultaneously working on the internet, headphones/earbuds, a domain name pointed at web hosting with WordPress installed (We won’t do this together for this part.

I would recommend checking out one of these WordPress-approved hosts or using these hosts’ specs as a guideline when choosing any host.), and a snack as a reward!

[Note for the intake form: Students will need to inform the instructor beforehand of the domain registrar and web host they have chosen.]



  • ASL Interpretation and Auto-Generated Captions will be provided online

About your Lab Instructor

Terry Knickle

Terry has been designing websites since they were 12. They are proficient in HTML5 and CSS3 and know enough PHP to be dangerous! In 2011, Terry started working with self-hosted WordPress and hasn’t been able to stop since. They have been designing, developing, and managing websites for clients since 2015 with Copper Cabbage Studios. As an artist, Terry knows what it takes to reach audiences both on the stage and off.

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Nov 14 2022


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Azimuth Theatre

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