2023: A Nextfest Space pOpera

Good evening, intergalactic beings of all systems and genera. 
This fine evening, we are pleased to present Tchotchke the Gig singing a selection of intergalactic chart-toppers, such as “A Black Hole Ate My Mom”, “Vaping Stardust with my Ex”, and “Tentacles: the Reprise” all performed in our common language Beta-ZED. Please enjoy.
Terry Knickle (they/he) as Tchotchke the Gig is a non-binary transmasculine clown, improvisor, vocalist, actor, and voice actor. Since studying the art of Pochinko clown with esteemed Canadian clown Jan Henderson, they have enjoyed roving with Deep Freeze Byzantine Festival in 2020 and festival opportunities–presenting their original works–in the clown showcases of Nextfest 2020 and 2021 and at the Pride Nite in 2022. Most recently, Terry performed an original clown turn Sweet Milk in Play the Fool Festival’s Rookie Cabaret as coached by Christine Lesiak. Enjoy the show!



2023: A Nextfest Space pOpera

Produced by Nextfest Arts Company and
Amanda Dang, Alexis De Villa, Jasmine Hopfe, Shyanne Duquette


The event is finished.

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