Dennis the Menace

Yup, they call me Dennis. Dennis the Menace. They call me Dennis the Menace, yeah. Hm. Yup. I’m the one who uh who owns the car dealership. You prob’ly heard of it. Just on 103rd and 98th. It’s uh, it’s uh, big one. It’s the big one, yup. Always wanted to own a car dealership. I own a car dealership. Hahaha. Yeah yeah yeah. And uh I’m the one who, who always can spot a fake. I can spot fake coins, I can spot fake license plates, I can spot fake people hah. Always the fake people, yeah. I’m the one who, oh yeah who, who never forgets. I, I’ve remembered all of it. I know all of it, my whole life. It’s a beautiful life. The whole life, everything. Um, loved every minute of it. Can’t complain. I just like to razz people a few times. And, and that’s how I know I’m really myself. I really just connect with, w-with that razz in me. I think everybodies got some razz. And everybody’s razzable. Yeah yeah. I love keeping things going. I love including people. I’m not a grouch. I just got wrinkles. Everybody’s got wrinkles. It just means that they got some nice experience. I love people. I love all the people I meet at the dealership. I love seeing them, looking at their faces, their clothing, and their cars as they come by and find a new one. I love it. I – yeah. I went, I went to the dealership. My son was, was gunna be there, he was gunna be there. Because he was heading out from the dealership to go down to, to, to Tennessee. He was gunna, he was gunna start up a new branch. I’m so proud of my boy. Oh, my son. My son Bradley. So proud of my boy. He was my first son. I have a son, I have two daughters, and then another son. Hah. He’s my first son. My first son. My fishing trip son, haha. He’s my superhero son. And the older I get, the more I just wish I could be more like him. And I’m glad to be going into a world and getting out of a world but knowing that I left him in it. My beautiful son. Bradley. Bradley left yesterday, headed down from the dealership. He went in a cube van hauling some supplies, some files. He’s gunna start up another branch down there for me. My son. He’s staying down there for at least a year. He’s gotta be down there for at least a year. My son. My fishing trip son. My superhero son. My better-self son. He’s going down. Making me so proud. And he left. But I – I realized I didn’t tell him the most important thing he was probably longing to hear. The most important thing I was longing to hear from my father my whole life. My father. He was probably looking to hear what I’m telling you right now. And I didn’t tell him cuz I never heard it from my father. And I never thought it’d be okay. And it’s only when someone’s going away for a year when you feel like you need to say a year’s worth just before they leave. So I needed to say my years worth. He’s heading down in a cube van, I hop in a beautiful Mercedes sitting right on the lot. And I’m driving up to the cube van, getting up right by his side. And I gesture him over, “Pull over, pull over, Bradley, pull over!” And he pulls over. And I pull over too. And I get out. And oh, it takes me so long to get out, doesn’t it? And I actually hug him. I hug my son. I can’t remember the last time I hugged my son. And then, I tell him. I’m so proud of you son. Thank you, son.

Experience: “When life gives you lemons…”
Innocence: “Lemons!”