“Hi! My name is PTP Knickle and I use they/them pronouns! What’s your name and pronouns?”

How do you feel when you hear that?

Maybe you’re here to just figure out what the pronouns thing is all about! Well, thanks for trusting me to share information on what it means for me and the genderqueer and non-binary community.

Or maybe you’re here because you want to hear more about my gender identity. (Thank you, by the way. 🙂 )

I use these pronouns because they match up best with how I see myself. There is a non-binary-ness to me although I was assigned female at birth. Importantly, however, I do not use these pronouns because I am a gender abolitionist. I still see sexual identities and gender identities as important and helpful and that is exactly why I believe that gender identities do not fall on a binary spectrum. Historically and cross-culturally speaking, there are a multitude of gender identities that a person can identify with.

I also use these pronouns because there is somewhat of a pluralness to me. In my family, I was voted as having the biggest personality. I think that’s because I’m the only leo in a family of cancers and tauruses. But I think that it also comes from my plurality with my roles in life; I’ve always been comfortable having a side-hustle – or five… I have multiple identities and I live into each one fully.

So yes, they/them works perfectly for me! It’s not a new thing for me or for the world. Thanks for your curiosity!

For more information on the usage of they/them/theirs pronouns, check out this handy site.