Paige Knickle is an Edmonton-based recording artist, performing vocalist, and worship leader…

Paige’s vocal sound is most often described as being ‘hauntingly rich, especially for coming out of such a small body’. After being steeped in diverse musical backgrounds ranging from classical to pop, Paige has emerged as a vocal chameleon. They studied jazz and contemporary music at MacEwan University, earning a diploma in Recording Arts, and also studied opera at The King’s University. Paige regularly releases self-produced singles and albums with their two Edmonton-based groups, the indie-folk fusion duo Hold for Home and the gospel band The Copper Coins. In 2018, Paige won the Rejoice Alberta competition and was awarded the opportunity to record their solo single ‘Floodlight’ in 2019. Paige is enjoying a 4th year of instructing vocalists privately and also coaches worship leaders who serve at churches around the city. Additionally, Paige volunteers as a band leader and vocalist at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church.

And a web designer/developer…

And just for fun, Paige also does web design and development at Copper Cabbage Studios.

Paige is also an actor and an improvisor…

After completing Grindstone’s Fall 2019 improv conservatory program, Paige went on to co-produce and act in two improv shows: Broadcast and The Ritz. Paige enjoys performing in plays and musical theatre with select theatre credits as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the Leading Player in Pippin, and Zubaida Ula in The Laramie Project. As a cast member in Grindstone Theatre’s improvised musical, the ’11 o’ Clock Number’, from Seasons 3 through 5, they had the privilege of performing at the 2017 Edmonton Fringe Festival with the troupe.

August 2020


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