Paige Knickle in the Clubhouse

hey, my name is paige knickle and my pronouns are they/them.

i’m a canadian queer artist and worship vocalist.

i coach singers, own a creative studio, and perform.


my thoughts on everything: a memoir

Sike! I’m not dead yet, just givin’ you opinions on stuff y’ain’t ask for!

5 Things Extroverts want Introverts to Know

I've dated extroverts, I've dated ambiverts, and I've dated introverts. And they all bring wonderful flavors to the table. But sometimes we don't always see eye to eye. So, from an extreme extrovert (often rated higher than 91% on personality tests for extroversion),...

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What it’s like to be trans and butterfly-phobic

When I was a teen, I set out to search the web to find a name for the condition that I had... I knew that there must be a neat little word to describe how I felt so squeamish... when I thought of ..... (ich *gagging*) ~butterflies~ That's right. I must be the only...

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Copper Cabbage Studios

Looking for an audio engineer, artist support, voice lessons, or even voice talent for your next audiobook project? We’re Edmonton’s creative studio and we’re ready to get started on your dreams!